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PostSubject: THE FORUM RULES   THE FORUM RULES EmptySun Nov 29, 2009 10:16 pm

TDM I'll take the rules from the other site and put em here for ya. wrote:


Basic Rules:regular rule breaking, level 1 severity
Spamming In Posts+Topics

* Posting content irrelevant to topic, or off topic.
* Posting more than one post in a row.
* Posting less than 3 words to a post.
* Smiley spam. 5 smileys are allowed in a post, max, with 1 smiley to start with, after one smiley is used, there must be at least 5 words to each smiley.
* The title of a new topic CANNOT be more than 20 characters.
* The title of the new topic HAS to be relevant to the post it represents. This helps search engines pinpoint information more accurately.
* Posting a single image or quote in a post
* DO NOT post just to increase rank.

* Put posts in appropriate categories.
* Do not revive topics more than 35 days old. (ex 1 month.)


* Do not post anything that is intentionally causing a member to act in defense or retalliation on purpose.
* Do not post bias content.

Member Conduct and Expectations.
You are expected to:

* Follow ALL rules
* Tolerate other members and their beliefs.
* DO NOT BACKSEAT MODERATE! When a member is breaking rules, do not publicly correct them, simply report them, and let the moderators do their job, we chose them as moderators and administrators for a reason, so let them be.
* Do not report members repeatedly in hopes to get them banned. Not cool, and you will lose the privilege to report.
* Respect the Moderators and Administrators. Treat them with respect.
* Some members are from foreign countries. Speak proper English, as that is what they where taught. and what they know.
* BE FOREWARNED! Whatever images of yourself you put on here, people have the legal right to take it and slap it all over the internet. Be careful what you put on here.
* Don't post personal information (Exact adress, banking information.) Vague personal information (Name, country of origin, age, gender) are all optional.

MORE RULES: Rules that could possibly result in immediate banning

Illegal and Inappropriate Content:Immediate warning and possible banning on first attempt

* NO Pirated games, programs, software, hardware, ect promoted on the forum. That will result in an IMMEDIATE 1 day ban, and 1 warning.
* NO mentioning on what you have done illegally on the internet. You can download all the free movies your heart desires, but keep it out of the forum.
* NO sexually explicit content. Not in the PMs, anywhere.
* DO NOT take content from other sites without written permission.
* Do NOT make more than one account on here, especially when you get banned.

Avertising your site.

* You not only have to have 100 posts to advertise, you must send a PM to me or a staff member asking permission. You can then make 1 topic for your site. You also cannot Advertise a site you are not the founder of. Violating any of those rules will result in locking of topic and removal of the websites link in zed post.
* If you want your site to be a "Promoted Site" You must have 20 registered users at your site, and also have to have 150 posts here, and your forum has to make a category or uplink to this site, as a promoted site.

Chatbox- You can pretty much do anything in the chatbox. No rules apply, besides the Trolling nad Illegal and Inappropriate content.

* You can have a special color in the chatbox. You must PM me or raptors rule your color of choice. You may now be either the color you choosed, or, the default color.
* Do not use Italics or Bold unless used for Emphasis.


* You may have up to 5 rows of text in your signature, with max font size being 13.
* Avatars may be as large as 150px high, and 150px wide
* Signature images may be 215px high, and 415px wide.
* ALL rules apply in signatures. (no more than 5 emoticons, ect)
* You may have 1 image in your signature, if you choose to do so, only 2 rows of text are at disposal
* You may have 1 link in your signature. You MUST have at least 25 posts before you insert a link into your signature, unless you personally ask to do so.

Ban lengths and Warnings

* 1 warning: nothing happens.
* 2 warnings accumilated: banned 1 day
* 3 warnings: Banned one week
* 4 warnings:Banned for a month or year, depending on severity
* After 4th warning, you get 3 more warnings.
* 5 warnings:month
* 6 warnings:month
* 7 warnings: FOREVER ip banned.
These rules where respectively used from Raging Raptor and raptors rules' site: Jurassic Forum with permission.
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