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 The Flock Mod

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PostSubject: The Flock Mod   The Flock Mod EmptyMon Dec 14, 2009 4:44 pm

Yes my best find I only will post it here.

Ok go into dino.ini folder and search for this.

And change the flocksep to this

And change flockcoh to this.

Now I will tell you what each one means flocksize means how large the flock can be example "flocksize=20" then that dino can have a flock of 20, and if it goes larger a new pack will begin.Flockcoh means how many leaders there are I still don't know, but I think it means that if the dino wants to do something then they can do it if the leader does, kinda like they will not have a free country.Flocksep means how much of the flock will seperate, like you have a flock of 20 then five will leave and the flock will be 15, well basicly it means if the number is 10 then 10 dinos of that flock will leave.Flockrad means how far a dino can be from a pack till it goes to far, and then is no longer in the pack.

You CAN NOT use this mod on large carns.

The Flock Mod Simjp2009-12-3010-14-26-60-6-2-1
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The Flock Mod
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