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 JPOG photo contest

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JPOG photo contest Empty
PostSubject: JPOG photo contest   JPOG photo contest EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 10:27 pm


-The pictures CAN NOT have HUD on.To turn off HUD press the zero, or "Ins" button on your numpad .
-The screen shots must be uploaded with a link so it can be shown on the forum, with [IMG] tags.
-Try to keep the mouse out of the pic; I know it is hard just try to do it.
-Each person only can submit five pictures.
-You must label what "novel moment" is occurring in each picture, and you must label what number out of five pictures your pictures(s) is/are.

Ex: Picture 1 of 5: Rex Attack JP
(Picture here)
Picture 2 of 5: The Stampied JP
(Picture here)
...and so on...

The theme of the pictures will be a "novel moment," such as the Rex Attack in JP.
The deadline for submitting your pictures in this is Janury 21st, 2010. The winner will be announced on Janury 28th, 2009

Submit your pictures here...

JPOG photo contest Simjp2009-12-3010-14-26-60-6-2-1
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JPOG photo contest
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