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 Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples

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Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples Empty
PostSubject: Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples   Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples EmptySat Dec 19, 2009 4:45 pm

Dasplatosaurus 5000 has now gave me permission to post this.

Here is the download---> Download

Installing:Unzip the zip. file then put the Data Folder in the directory C:\Program Files\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG.Then your done load the game and have fun!

Bugs:Some dino's don't have dead skins.

This will include all skins from the Tresspasser Mod V2 pack.Tell me if anything goes wrong.Have fun!Very Happy

All credit goes to Dasplatorsaurus 5000 for making the skins, and raptors rule (me) for making the MST's.

This has been tested and works fine.If your game does crash then it was another mod or something you did, and I will not take any responsibility for it!

Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples Simjp2009-12-3010-14-26-60-6-2-1
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Trespasser mod V.2 Multiples
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